Softball team has ups and downs

The high school summer softball team easily won four games last week, but they lost big to two of the same teams.

In a doubleheader in Junction City on Thursday, the Huskies defeated the Eugene Rebels 5-2 and then the Junction City Pride 7-5.

In the game against the Pride, “we scored all seven runs in the third inning when we were down 5-0,” Coach Chris Hiaasen said. The game only went four innings because of time.

Summer softball has a five-run limit per inning. The Huskies scored four runs and then brought in three more on a triple from Shelbey Gillespie.

The Pride scored their first three runs on errors, Hiaasen said. Eugene got its first runner on base on an error and scored two runners total.

The Huskies scored three runs in the fourth inning and two in the fifth.

Against the Rebels Bayli Riggs pitched seven strikeouts and gave up two earned runs. Against the Pride, Tasha Saunders pitched five strikeouts and gave up two earned runs.

“It just took us a little while getting going,” Hiaasen said. In both games, the girls came back for a win, something they had trouble with during the spring season.

“We’re hitting a lot better,” Hiaasen said.

But for all of that, the Huskies were “slaughtered” Saturday as they faced the same two teams again. In a pair of games at Junction City against the Rebels and the Pride, the Huskies had 16 errors, losing 10-4 to the Rebels and 9-1 to the Pride. Riggs hit a homerun to score the only run against the Pride. Pitching, Riggs gave up 11 hits and nine runes to the Pride. Saunders gave up 10 hits and 10 runs to the Rebels.

They came back on Sunday in control again as they faced the Junior Eagles, winning 9-1, and the Eugene North Stars, winning 4-2.

At bat against the Eagles, Ashley Cochran went 2-4; Gillespie, 2-3; and Laura Gourley, 2-3.

Riggs hit a double and a homerun with two RBIs.

“She has hit really well this summer,” Hiaasen said. Hitting at .467, her slugging percentage is more than .800; and Gillespie also is hitting well. Both are incoming sophomores.

Against the Eagles, Riggs gave up no earned runs, and against the North Stars, Saunders gave up two earned runs but also had nine strikeouts.

The Huskies will play again at Junction City on Thursday, possibly against the same teams, Hiaasen said. Another doubleheader is scheduled for Junction City on June 26, and the team will compete in a tournament at Newberg the weekend of June 28 to end their summer season.

The summer roster includes Riggs, Gillespie, Saunders, Tiffanie Cuilla, Cochran, Hailee Huenergardt and Paige Niemi with junior varsity players Mindy Smith and Julie Bosso moving up to the varsity. The team will be joined this week by Rose Ramirez of the Albany-Corvallis area.