Sweet Home Huskies Swimming Team – Now 7-1!

Kristy Tallman

On Saturday, January 26, the Sweet Home Huskies dominated in a thrilling swim meet against the Philomath Warriors, Sister Outlaws, and Kennedy Trojans. Both the boys and girls swim teams of the Huskies secured resounding victories, solidifying their impressive 7-1 record for the season.

Head Coach A Jay Bronson expressed immense pride in his team’s accomplishments, stating, “I’m incredibly proud of what they are accomplishing. Austyn Hogan had another great meet with four personal bests. Timber Nobles was our swimmer of the meet this week for dropping time in her two individual events as well as out-touching her opponents in her races. One of the biggest things we try to preach is to swim through the wall and finish every race. Timber was an exemplar of that this week.”

The Huskies are now setting their sights on the upcoming district championships scheduled for February 9-10. Coach Bronson remains optimistic about their chances, harboring hopes for both the boys and girls teams to secure the district title and advance towards the state championship. If they achieve this feat, it will mark the 12th consecutive year for the girls and the first time for the boys since 2007.

Coach Bronson further emphasized the team’s recent success, exclaiming, “The boys and girls are now 7-1! We are looking to go 8-1 this week with our senior night against Junction City, North Marion, and Salem Academy.”

Combined Team Scores – Through Event 22

1. Sweet Home 288.

2. Philomath 172

3. Sisters 79.

4. Kennedy 30

Women – Team Rankings – Through Event 22

1. Sweet Home 139.

2. Philomath 81

3. Sisters 25

4. Kennedy 25

Men – Team Rankings – Through Event 22

1. Sweet Home 149

2. Philomath 91

3. Sisters 34

4. Kennedy 5

200 Yard Medley Relay: Girls: Winners were Peyton Markell, Rylee Markell, Payton Brookfield and Lexi Rundell. Boys: Winners were Shayne Schuster, RJ Abbott, Blake Arthur, and Arman Marble.

200 Yard Freestyle: Girls: Peyton Markell, 1st place. Boys: Austyn Hogan, 1st place.

200 Yard IM: Girls: Kirsten Sautel, 1st place. Boys: Shane Schuster, 2nd place

50 Yard Freestyle: Girls: Payton Brookfield, 1st place, Boys: RJ Abbott, 1st place.

100 Yard Butterfly: Girls: Payton Brookfield Boys: RJ Abbott 1st place. Boys: RJ Abbott, 1st place.

100 Yard Freestyle: Girls: Peyton Markell, Boys: Blake Arthur, 1st place.

500 Yard Freestyle: Girls: Rylee Markell, 1st place, Lexi Rundell, Boys: Austyn Hogan, 1st place.

200 Yard Freestyle Relay: Girls Team: Daisy Lalonde, Payton Brookfield, Lexi Rundell, Kirsten Sautel, 1st Place. Boys Team: Austyn Hogan, Reese Volkers, Blake Arthur, RJ Abbott, 1st Place.

100 Yard Backstroke: Girls: Timber Nobles, 3rd place. Boys: Andrew Tolman, 1st place.

100 Yard Breaststroke: Girls: Kirsten Sautel, 1st place, Boys: Shayne Schuster, 2nd place.

400 Yard Freestyle Relay: Girls: Daisy Lalonde, Peyton Markell, Rylee Markell, Kirsten Sautel, 1st place. Boys: Shayne Schuster, Andrew Tolman, Arman Marble, Austyn Hogan, 1st place.