Sweet Home woman wins Corvette

Scott Swanson

Of The New Era

Linda Garcia was in a meeting with a client at her All About Mortgage office Friday, Dec. 16, when her phone rang.

It was Lebanon Community Hospital and it was urgent.

“I thought it was something bad,” she said.

On the line was retired Lebanon dentist Dr. Richard Yahn, who told Garcia he had ?a special Christmas present? for her ? a 2003 50th Anniversary edition Chevrolet Corvette.

The car, which Yahn donated to the LCH Foundation, was raffled off Friday. The raffle raised a total of $67,875, LCH spokesman Brad Canfield said. Proceeds go to the Health Career and Training Center at the hospital.

“This is definitely a wonderful gift and will make a real difference in our Heatlh Career and Training Center,” said Foudation Director Betty Koehn.

She said the raffle was co-sponsored by Primasing Motors, which displayed the car in its showroom during the raffle.

Garcia said she began screaming when she got the news and was still going when she called her husband, Jesse, telling him that she needed him to take her to the hospital.

“I thought something was wrong — that something terrible had happened,” said Jesse Garcia, who works for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers at Foster Dam.

Linda Garcia said she bought one $25 ticket about two weeks ago from her friend Christy Duncan, who works for the LCH Foundation, and promptly forgot about it. In fact, she never told Jesse she had it.

“I’ll let you slide on this one,” Jesse told his wife as she related the story.

The car is valued at $45,000 and the Garcias said they will have to pay about a quarter of that in taxes, but, Linda said, “it’s a decent amount to have to pay for a car like this.”

Driving it back from Lebanon Friday afternoon, she said she punched the gas once. She said she was shoved back in her seat as the speedometer shot up to 75. She glanced in the mirror and saw the flashing lights of a police car. Pulling over, with a sick feeling, she said she was relieved when the car shot past — chasing another driver.

Garcia said winning the car was a nice turn of events after losing her mother earlier this year.

“I have no complaints,” she said with a smile. “I couldn’t have picked out a better color myself. I’ve always wanted a sports car with two seats. This is just unreal.”