Sweet Home Wrestlers Shine in Off-Season

Bottom Row L to R: Fletcher Utter, Archer Lindsey, Sawyer Davis, Amos Jorgensen, Boone Utter, Kartor Daivs, Oliver Lindsey Middle Row L to R: Kassidy Zajic, Alizeah Weikel, Keegan Jefferson, Riley Vaughan,Jayson Dickerman, Matthew Jorgensen, Colton McCubbins, Jacob Landtroop, Jayce Miller, Kaylene Zajic Back Row L to R: Zach Davis, Kyle Zajic, Kyle Sieminski, Dillan Davis, Russell Dickerman, Jackson Knight, James Hearick, Tytus Hardee, Luke Rosa, Liam Martin Not Pictured: Cody Sieminski, Jasper Victor, Eli Cruz, Jesse Landtroop, Colton Bennett. Photo by Sky Chappell

The Sweet Home wrestling program has stayed busy in their “off” season, competing in the 2024 Oregon Wrestling Association’s Freestyle and Greco Roman Championship April 19th through April 21st.
This is an annual championship the Huskies compete in during their spring training. Of the 32 kids that entered, many placed.
“[It’s a] great way for us to end our spring training,” Head Coach Steve Thorpe said. “One of the more successful tournaments with the amount of numbers that I’ve had.”
The tournament took place at the Newberg High School, and consisted of over one hundred organizations coming together. Freestyle wrestling took place first, over April 19 and 20th with Greco Roman concluding on the 21st. First and second placers were provided with plaques while third through sixth placers were provided with medals.
“Fun Matches and a lot of great wrestling,” Thorpe said. “We qualified kids to the turf war duals and the national tournament.”
This tournament allowed senior wrestler Kyle Sieminski to wrestle in the national duals in June at 126, with junior Jesse Landtroop and freshman Kyle Zajic able to wrestle in the turf wars in June due to their placement. Sieminski will be representing Oregon during the national tournaments.
“It’s not a mandatory thing, some years we’ve only taken a handful of kids, but we’ve really built up keeping kids going,” Thorpe said.
The teams will be back at the end of June for the Santiams Women’s Wrestling camp, June 29 to July 2, with the boys wrestling in the Santiam Men’s Wrestling Camp July 7-9. Both camps are middle school through high school.
The results for the Greco Roman Wrestling and Freestyle Wrestling are as follow by weight:
8U Boys 43
Sawyor Davis place is 2nd FS / 2nd Greco

8U Boys 70
Archer Lindsey place is 2nd FS / 1st Greco

10U Boys 56
Kartor Davis’s 6th Greco

10U Boys 63
Amos Jorgensen place is 5th FS / 4th Greco

10U Boys 84
Fletcher Utter place is 4th FS

12U Boys 74
Oliver Lindsey place is 5th FS / 5th Greco

12U Boys 92
Boone Utter DNP FS

12U Boys 160+
Colton McCubbins place is 2nd FS / 2nd Greco

14U Boys 77
Matthew Jorgensen place is 4th FS / 3rd Greco

14U Boys 97
Cody Sieminski place is 3rd FS / 3rd Greco

14U Boys 106
Jayson Dickerman place is 6th FS / 5th Greco

14U Boys 130
Jasper Victor place is 1st FS / 2nd Greco

14U Boys 136
Zach Davis place is 2nd FS / 2nd Greco

14U Girls 84
Kassidy Zajic place is 1st FS / 2nd Greco

16U Boys 106
Keegan Jefferson’s DNP FS / 4th Greco

16U Boys 120
Jesse Landtroop place is 3rd FS / 2nd Greco

16U Boys 120
Riley Vaughan’s DNP FS / 1st Greco

16U Boys 132
Dillan Davis place is 3rd FS / 5th Greco

16U Boys 157
James Hearick’s DNP

16U Boys 157
Kyle Zajic place is 4th FS / 2nd Greco

16U Boys 157
Jackson Knight’s DNP

16U Boys 165
Luke Rosa place is 5th FS / 6th Greco

16U Boys 175
Elijah Cruz’s DNP

16U Boys 285
Liam Clauson’s DNP FS / 5th Greco

16U Girls 118
Alizeah Weikel place is 4th FS / 4th Greco

JR Boys 126
Kyle Sieminski place is 2nd FS / 2nd Greco

JR Boys 132
Jayce Miller’s DNP FS / 3rd Greco

JR Boys 132
Tytus Hardee place is 6th FS / 5th Greco

JR Boys 144
Russell Dickerman DNP

JR Boys 165
Jacob Landtroop place is 4th FS / 4th Greco

JR Boys 285
Colton Bennett place is 5th FS

JR Girls 155
Kaylene Zajic place is 4th FS