Swimmers eyeing district trophies

Dani Birky

Student Intern

North Marion and Blanchett came to Sweet Home Feb. 3 seeking wins over the Husky swimmers, but went home empty handed.

Coach Doug Peargin says it was a great overall meet and last chance to get ready for Districts. Districts will be held on February 11-12 at South Albany High School, starting at 10 a.m. both days.

The Sweet Home men’s and women’s teams won straight across. For the womenís team, the scores were Blanchett with 27 points, North Marion with 55 points, and Sweet Home claiming victory with 84 points.

On the men’s side, North Marion came out with 31 points, Blanchett with 43 points, and Sweet Home took the win with 90 points.

Coach Peargin said three event champions were Sarah Rosa, Justine Calhoon, Dani Birky, Jessica Trautwein, Matt Maloney, and Brinden Sanders.

Among the three event champions, Jessica Trautwein swam the ninth fastest time in school history in the 100 yard freestyle. Sarah Rosa swam the 10th fastest time in school history in the 100 yard backstroke.

All the swimmers, however, should be recognized for their effort and dedication to the team, Coach Peargin said. He also believes that the men and women teams both have a definite shot at making the top three at Districts.

Women’s results

200 Medley Relay: Sweet Home “A” relay, first, 2:03.89, Sweet Home “B” relay, fourth, 2:28.45.

200 Freestyle: Calhoon, first, 2:12.88; Streight, third, 2:28.12.

200 Individual Medley: Mengore, third, 2:56.65; Anderson, fourth, 3:20.23.

50 Freestyle: Birky, first, 27.39; Flanigan, fourth, 30.07; Ikola, fifth, 30.11; Buhn, sixth, 30.78.

100 Butterfly: Rosa, first, 1:08.76; Mengore, third, 1:29.54.

100 Freestyle: Trautwein, first, 59.43; Jones, fourth, 1:06.09.

500 Freestyle: Martin, first, 5:50.53: Flanigan, fourth, 6:55.29.

200 Freestyle Relay: Sweet Home “A” relay, first, 1:55.28, Sweet Home “B” relay, fourth, 2:09.63.

100 Back Stroke: Rosa, first, 1:09.02; Grove, fourth, 1:38.55.

100 Breast Stroke: Calhoon, first, 1:19.01; Whaley, fourth, 1:46.41.

400 Freestyle Relay: Sweet Home “A” relay, second, 4:29.51; Sweet Home “B” relay, fourth, 5:16.26.

Men’s results

200 Medley Relay: Sweet Home “A” relay, first, 1:55.50; Sweet Home “B” relay, third, 2:08.34.

200 Freestyle: Stratman, first, 2:05.42; Davis, third, 2:10.13.

200 Individual Medley: Sanders, first, 2:22.92; Vanderlip, third, 2:58.16.

50 Freestyle: Maloney, first, 25.39; Parks, second, 25.50.

100 Butterfly: Stumbaugh, second, 1:12.15; Lemar, third, 1:15.25.

100 Freestyle: Ertsgaard, second, 57.78, Davis, third, 59.98.

500 Freestyle: Stratman, second, 5:39.42, Lemar, third, 6:07.83.

200 Freestyle Relay: Sweet Home “A” relay, first, 1:42.71; Sweet Home “B” relay, fourth, 2:01.34.

100 Back Stroke: Coulter, second, 1:07.51; Stumbaugh, third, 1:18.56.

100 Breast Stroke: Maloney, first, 1:13.95; Vanderlip, fourth, 1:26.42.

400 Freestyle Relay: Sweet Home “A” relay, first, 4:00.83.