Walker finds box of dead puppies

Ray Maynard was out for a walk on New Year’s Eve, when he spotted a “disturbing” sight: a box of dead puppies.

Sweet Home police are investigating the reported death and dumping of the five puppies near the railroad.

Police responded to a report on New Year’s Eve morning about a pile of garbage and five dead puppies between Clark Mill and 43rd on the old mill property, said Sgt. Jason Van Eck.

“It looked like a whole pickup load of garbage was dumped there,” said Maynard, who reported it to the police. Maynard regularly walks the area. In the debris was a metal box, and inside that were five young dogs.

The puppies appeared to be gray and white pit bulls approximately 6 months old, Van Eck said.

Maynard said they probably weighed around 15 pounds.

Except for one, the puppies did not appear to be physically injured. Van Eck said one looked like it may have been run over, but it was difficult to tell.

The puppies appeared to have been deceased prior to being placed into the container, Van Eck said. They could have escaped the container if they had been alive.

Whoever did this, Maynard said, “I’d put him in a metal box and throw him down there. It was very disturbing.”

Public Works disposed of the bodies.

Police ask that anyone with information about the case contact Officer Dave Hickcox at (541) 367-5181.