A poem for Valentine’s Day


A Valentine is someone who

Was made especially for you,

The one who quickly understands

If you are tired by day?s demands,

The one who cheers you when you?re sad

And shares your pleasure when you?re glad.

A Valentine is patient too

And helps when you have work to do,

The one who sees your anxious care

and shares the burden that you bear,

Who knows your faults but doesn?t stress

The fact that you have weaknesses,

Whose love will cover all these ills,

Whose pleasantness your need fulfills,

Who is a helpmeet every day

?Tho joys or sorrows come your way.

A Valentine is really part

Of you because he is your heart,

The one you know is ever true

And often whispers, ?I Love You!?

Eunice Hoien Dahlgren

Vancouver, Wash.