Argument contrary to orthodox beliefs


I must say, I was impressed by the alacrity, if not the brevity, with which Char LaFollette sought to ?clarify? her notions. But though her reply sought to rebut my assessment of her views, it achieved quite the opposite.

In her view, the solution to mankind?s plight is to find the good in each of us and focus on that. By believing in ourselves, we can rise up and become good people who will change the world for the better.

Nothing could be further from orthodox Christian doctrine. According to LaFollette, we need to believe in ourselves and our own inherent goodness. Christianity teaches that we must believe in Jesus to save us from our inherent wickedness.

If she were merely preaching her ?ideology of love and compassion? I would not bother to engage in this debate. But when she attempts to claim the mantle of Christ for ideas which are antithetical to Christianity, I will respond.

Nathanael Blake

Sweet Home