Give soldier a knife


My husband and I recently had the opportunity to send some items to our military soldiers. In a catalog from Smoky Mountain Knife Works, there is a program called a “knife for a soldier.”

Smoky Mountain Knife Works will ship knives donated by purchase or monetary donation via UPS, which has donated its services, to its partner in this program, Brigate-Quartermasters.

Smoky Mountain will include one of the donated free knives. The soldier will then be surprised with your donation upon opening the package. This goes directly to active soldiers, making a real difference.

Each package will contain a letter to the soldier along with the names and addresses of those who donated the knife or donated money to purchase a knife.

My husband purchased several knives. We have received three letters from soldiers so far thanking him for doing so. One soldier was a platoon sergeant with 34 men. My husband asked him if we could do anything else to help them out. He did say they have a hard time getting twin-size sheets, and they were very expensive.

We figured that this was an opportunity to help our soldiers. I went to Wal-Mart one morning and bought 14 twin-size sheet sets. I thought this was good for one outing and would try to get more my next payday.

At work on Monday, the sheets were taken to be mailed from White’s Electronics where I work. A fellow shipping worker marched up to the head office to see if White’s would pay for the shipping. Yes, indeed, they were glad to pay for it. White’s shipped the first 14.

This last payday, I went to Wal-Mart again and bought the other 20 sheet sets. I took them to shipping to be mailed. This time, I also spent one whole evening after work making various cookies and shrink wrapping them to keep them fresh. I put them in to be mailed too.

White’s Electronics was so gracious to reimburse me for these sheets and pay for the shipping. I was very happy they were glad to be my partner in this donation. Makes me proud to work for a nice company.

Janie and Gary Hartman