Happy Homecoming

Sweet Home High School celebrated Homecoming last week with all the usual activities, plus a few twists, such as the burning of the Tiger head.

Students gather around the homecoming bonfire on Oct. 12.

The sophomore cheering section, led by teacher Pat Davis, center, in black sweatshirt, whoops it up after winning a round of dodge ball at Thursday morning’s assembly.

Tanner Goble takes a turn at smashing a car with a sledgehammer near the bonfire.

Senior Megan Rubidoux scampers down the sideline with the ball during the Powderpuff Football Game Monday night ahead of defender junior Sabrina Davis (in yellow), while teammate Caytlin Gillespie, a freshman, makes sure she’s got room to run.

Nate Melcher ignites the homecoming bonfire.

Lorenzo Virgen and Chace Hutchins battle at the net in He-Man Volleyball.