Huskies saved by rain as they trail 7-1 in opener

The Huskies opened their baseball season Monday to a rainout but not before they managed to get four innings in. When it ended, Cascade was ahead 7-1.

It takes five innings to officially complete a game that is later canceled by rain.

Both teams scored a run in the first inning, Coach Dan Tow said. Cascade scored another four in the second inning, capitalizing on pitching and defensive missteps by the Huskies. They got two more runs in during the fourth.

J.P. Williams singled in the first inning to reach first base. He scored on a sacrifice fly from Brad Valloni, who went 1-1 on the day. Greg Sipe also had a hit.

Williams started at pitcher. Shelby Johnston relieved him during the second inning. Total, they gave up six walks and hit five batters, giving Cascade the opportunity to get in some runs. The Huskies also committed three errors in three innings.

Cascade didn’t hit any better than the Huskies did, Tow said. One player hit two doubles.

“We did a few good things,” Tow said. “We turned a double play in the first inning,” and the team got hits and scored a run.

But “when you put 10 people on base for free, you’re not going to be successful often,” Tow said. The team had a couple of chances to get out of the second inning before Cascade built a big lead, but errors allowed the Cougars to get to home plate.

“We just have to work on things,” Tow said.

The game is unlikely to be made up, but the Huskies and Cougars might try it again if they get a chance, Tow said.