Husky Stadium getting new, cost-saving, lights

Scott Swanson

Of The New Era

Husky Stadium will be getting new lights soon.

Four poles to hold new light standards were installed by a Pacific Power crew Wednesday, Nov. 9, at the football stadium. The new metal halide lights will be similar to those currently at the north end of the home bleachers, above the snack bar.

The new system will actually be composed of less lights overall than the current mercury vapor bulbs, but equal lighting on the field thanks to more efficient 1,500-watt bulbs, said district electrician Dan Conrad. Also, like the lighting standard above the snack bar, the poles will be 60 feet high instead of the 110-foot poles currently behind the grandstands.

A new pole behind the scoreboard will hold the switching mechanisms for the system and there are plans to install bulbs that will light the pole vault area of the track.

District Maintenance Supervisor Mike Rice said one concern was that the existing poles, which were installed in the mid-1970s, are ?on their last leg? and could come down in a severe windstorm, such as the one that took down a pole at the high school baseball field in ?1998 or 1999.? He said a consultant recommended the poles come down.

?The old poles were in sad shape,? said Conrad. ?Pacific Power was gracious enough to volunteer the labor if we would provide the poles.?

Rice said the new poles will have metal caps on top to slow deterioration.

?So, in my lifetime, we won?t have to worry about it,? he said.

George Kastl, of Pacific Power, estimated that the normal cost of installing the poles would be about $2,000.

The replacement project is costing the district $14,845. Rice said he got other bids that included one for $59,850 and one for $41,500.

Conrad and Rice said the lights, which will be installed when the weather improves, will cover the field more evenly than the current lighting system.

They should also hold up better, Rice said.

?The thing about mercury vapor bulbs is they lose half their lumens (lighting power) in 30 days,? he said.

District Superintendent Larry Horton said the new system is expected to cut the cost of lighting the stadium by 35 to 40 percent.

?I just think it?s great that Pacific Power was willing to do this,? he said. ?It?s good community relations for them and good for the kids.? on a circus catch by Faulconer for 18 yards on a fourth and 17. After three incomplete passes, the Huskies watched Isaac Villarreal kick his first field goal of the season from 24 yards away, extending the Sweet Home lead to 11-0.

The Huskies had another opportunity in the waning seconds of the half when Dollarhide fumbled again and Elliott recovered. Nothing came of it, so the Huskies settled for the 11-point margin.

In the third quarter, the Huskies gave the Mustangs a golden opportunity when they fumbled at their own 24. Hidden Valley quickly responded. After letting Dollarhide run for a first down, the Mustangs ran a play action fake with the quarterback L.B. Draper connecting with Dustin Mathews for a 14-yard strike. The Huskies stopped the Mustang attempt for a two-point conversion and kept the lead to 11-6.

The Huskies kept applying pressure to the Mustang defense but couldn?t break through when they needed to, in large part due to the play of Mathews, their linebacker who led the team in tackles and sacks and recorded two knock down of passes at the line of scrimmage.

After Hidden Valley?s defense stopped the Huskies late in the third quarter at the 39-yard line, the Dollarhide show continued. After his first four attempts put the ball into Sweet Home territory, he broke loose from the 41-yard line to score what was to be the game-winning touchdown just into the fourth quarter. Again, the two point conversion attempt was stopped.

With the rain deluge forcing the Huskies more to a running game, the Huskies made two gallant efforts to come back. With the running of Elliott and a pass completion to Shipp, the Huskies marched from their own 38 to the Mustang 24. But Hidden Valley put up a wall, stopping two runs and sacking Pettit once to bring up a fourth-and-14 play.

With the ball slipping out of Pettit?s hand, he managed to complete it to Shipp, who immediately lateraled to Elliott, who was wide open. Unfortunately, Shipp?s knee made contact with the ground in the catch and the Huskies were stopped short.

On the next series, the Mustangs handed off to Dollarhide three straight times, but he was still one yard shy of a first down. Dangerously, they gambled, going to Dollarhide again on fourth down, but he was stacked up short by Bascom and Elliott, giving the Huskies one more chance at the Hidden Valley 32.

But there would be no miracle. The Mustangs rallied, stopping Elliott three times and then tackling Shipp one yard short of a first down on a reverse.

?It?s tough to take it all in,? stated Fitzsimons. ?It wasn?t just the one play. It was just all the things that added up to lose by one point.?

Elliott had the same difficulty putting the emotion of the game into words.

?It?s a horrible feeling because you can?t get it back,? said Elliott.

Still, Elliott felt that the 5-5 Huskies had accomplished a lot, considering the schedule they faced and the relationships they formed.

?We had fun in practice,?? said Elliott. ?We made a lot of great relationships. I wouldn?t trade it for anything.?

Younger said he was impressed with the way the team handled the slow start at the beginning of the year against the tough schedule.

?They didn?t become discouraged,? noted Younger. ?They turned a negative into a positive. It shows great character that many of these kids have. It?s always hard to say that our seniors just played their last football game. We?re going to miss them a lot because of the kind of kids they were.?

Game Summary

1st 2nd 3rd 4th Final

SHHS 8 3 0 0 11

HV 0 0 6 6 12

1st Quarter

SHHS?Elliott 13 yd. run (Tagle run)

2nd Quarter

SHHS?Villarreal 24 yd. field goal

3rd Quarter

HV?Draper to Mathews 14 yd. pass (run failed)

4th Quarter

HV?Dollarhide 41 yd. run (run failed)

Team Statistics

Rushing: SHHS 33-153; Hidden Valley 43-236

Passing: SHHS 118; Hidden Valley 29

Sacks: SHHS 1 (Bascom 0.5, Fitzsimons 0.5)

Hidden Valley 4-30

Total: SHHS 241, Hidden Valley 256

1st Downs: SHHS 15; Hidden Valley 10

Turnovers: SHHS 1; Hidden Valley 2

Penalties: SHHS 7-45; Hidden Valley 5-31.5

Individual Statistics

Rushing: SHHS: Elliott 22-143; Shipp 1-8;

Weikel 5-5; Tagle 1-3; Bascom 1-0; Pettit 3-(-6)

Hidden Valley: Dollarhide 37-224

Passing: SHHS: Pettit 12-24, 118

Hidden Valley: Draper 2-4, 29 Dollarhide 0-1

Receiving: SHHS: Shipp 5-40; Faulconer 3-41;

Bascom 1-31; Fitzsimons 1-8; Weikel 1-5

Elliott 1-(-7)

Hidden Valley: Dollarhide 1-15; Mathews 1-14

Punts: SHHS: Bascom 3-81 (27, 27 net)

Hidden Valley: Van Cleave 2-80 ( 40, 34.5 net)

Punt Returns: SHHS: Shipp 1-11

Hidden Valley: None

Kick Returns: SHHS: Shipp 2-45

Hidden Valley: 2-17

Kickoff Average Yard Line: