Laws won’t stop illegal immigrants


Why should an illegal immigrant want to go through the “complex set of regulations” and tough financial penalties to become an American citizen?

There appears little can be done to punish those that break the laws now, so making more laws will not guarantee that they too will not be broken. Why go to the trouble of becoming a citizen of the United States if you can get all the benefits you need and want without that darn old piece of paper?

It seems clear to me that illegal immigrants don’t respect our culture, our spoken word, our laws, our flag or our way of life.

All they want is a job and some extra money to send back to their families. So if we take away the incentive for illegal immigration, which is jobs, then it would reduce illegal immigration.

Instead of giving low-paying jobs to illegal immigrants, let’s start a new program that would give these jobs to the people that are in prison.

Reduce the minimum wage for this program to $6 an hour, give the prisoners half of the money to put into a bank account for when they get out and give the other half to the prison system.

This not only benefits the prisoners, the prison system, the state, the schools and the farmers, contractors who need someone to do the menial jobs no one else wants to do.

This might also reduce the amount of time the prisoners would have for playing video games, so we could eliminate that program altogether.

Jeani West

Sweet Home