Merciful God owes us nothing but justice


A great many things could be said in response to Mr. Cantrell?s argument against the existence of God (Feb. 1), but I want to address his central argument: There cannot be a God, because He allows innocent people to suffer and die.

The fallacy of this argument is that he repeatedly presumes that those who die are innocent. None of them are. No one in the human race is innocent. I am not innocent. Mr. Cantrell is not innocent. None of the people he cited were innocent. All have sinned against God, all are guilty before God, and all deserve death from God. The wages of sin is death, and since all have sinned, therefore, all deserve to die, and God would be unjust, if they did not die. The sole cause of death in the human race is sin, whatever the proximate causes are.

That people die is in fact a proof that God keeps his promises to exact justice against those who have violated His law, not that He does not exist. The wonderful thing, of course, is that God has also provided a remedy for deliverance from death by redemption from sin for those who repent and place their faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.

Max Doner

Sweet Home