Parents should appreciate release time


I was interested in the (Feb. 8) article on an early dismissal from school one day a month. I had to laugh. I am sorry if it upsets some parents but if they were to live here in Portland they might have a different outlook on starting times and dismissal times.

We here in Portland have all kinds of them, and it is every day and every week, all year long. See I am a school bus driver her and have been for over 16 years. We are down to around 160 some days of school this year. If 45 minutes is all your kids lose, they (parents) should feel glad and look at it in a little different way, something like?I have 45 more minutes to spend with my kids or use it to do a little home schooling. The kids I have on my bus this year are handicapped and we do word games every day. To and from school. They learn the meaning and different ways they can be used.

We as parents can help our kids a lot if we would just take 15 minutes a day or once a week for the time they miss out on in school, because we can complain all we want but the school district will do what they feel is best. Parents, keep fighting for what you need because you don?t want what we have up here. But don?t forget to help too.

Teresia (White) Harris


(Former Sweet Home resident)