Plenty involved in local churches


I would like to present a rebuttal to the letter by Debbie Scofield (Feb. 22).

First, I want to clearly state that these are my personal opinions and not meant to represent either SHEM or my church.

There is plenty of community involvement by the churches in Sweet Home. A church is more than the building in which the religious service is held. It is the people who attend, believe, and live by the Christian principles. I feel that if you attend functions or go to organizations where volunteers participate, you will see Christians of every denomination. Most times you will not see them wearing badges saying that “My denomination is doing this.”

SHEM is one place which certainly represents the local religious community, even to its name — Sweet Home Emergency Ministries. Local people help by donating to those who have needs or by volunteering their time and services.

As for the church I attend, members have volunteered to make repairs for people unable to physically maintain their homes. They also have prepared meals for people who have had surgery or been otherwise unable to prepare food for themselves. As for our prayer and sharing time, it encompasses not only the members of our congregation but others in the Sweet Home area and beyond.

As for the “small groups and cliques,” people naturally gravitate toward others who share similar interests or life styles. If we want to be included in more or larger groups, we need to make the effort for ourselves to be a more complete person.

Peggy Blair

Sweet Home