Prep time needed by local teachers


Recently, there was an article regarding the latest School District 55 contract, which gave elementary teachers 45 minutes each week to do their prep work. I would like to address this in favor of the decision to allow this to be implemented.

I have volunteered in the classroom for the last few years, and what I have observed is that our teachers are truly dedicated to the education of the youth of this community.

They come to work at 7:30 a.m. and sometimes earlier and are in a classroom of between 26 and 30 youngsters until 2:45 p.m. each day.

I have rarely seen any of them have a lunch break or even have time to go the bathroom. There is little help for these teachers each day so they are required to do their prep work, which I might add is quite a bit, after school hours or on weekends. I might add that they are not compensated for these extra hours..

If we are truly committed to the education of the future, we should look at what is happening in schools today. Teachers who have 29 children in a split class of first and second graders without additional help is criminal. America is falling behind, and we are all concerned. But few realize that what is needed to change this is better education and better support for our teachers.

I would recommend that everyone spend a day in a classroom and see what these teachers do.

Florence Walraven

Sweet Home

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