Service station undergoes switcharoo

The Shell station at the corner of 13th and Main is no more.

The station’s brand was converted earlier this month to Chevron by the owner, John Truax, said Alain Steenbeeke, a business consultant for Chevron.

Steenbeeke said Truax, who also owns the Sweet Home stations bearing his own brand, Towne Pump, and the Union 76 station at the corner of 18th and Main, had already switched one of his other stations to Chevron and was planning to do more.

“He came to me and said he had several sites he was interested in changing,” Steenbeeke said.

The big instigator, he said, is the Safeway customer loyalty program that allows customers to use their Safeway Club Cards at Chevron. He said Chevron worked in this case with Truax, Jackson Oil and Safeway to make it happen.

“It was a good opportunity to put a station in here,” he said. “Safeway was looking to put a site in so customers could use their loyalty points.

“Since we introduced the Safeway program in May of last year, we’ve had a lot of success. We’ve seen an 8 to 10 percent increase in sales.”