Spikers lose in four to Scappoose

The Sweet Home varsity volleyball team lost in four games to Scappoose at home on Thursday.

The Huskies lost their first game 25-23, won the second 25-19, lost the third 25-11 and lost the fourth 25-19.

“I think actually, we probably should’ve won all the way through,” said Coach Debbie Danielson. Scappoose had big middles, and the Huskies didn’t have a big enough middle to put up the big block.

The first game was close, she said. “I think we were ahead most of the way,” Danielson said. “But in tight situations, we don’t always make the smartest choices in that situation.”

The Huskies knew Scappoose was beatable, Danielson said, and they went out strong in the second game to get the win.

At this point, Danielson said, they don’t know what happened in the third game.

In the fourth, “we came out really hard, but we couldn’t stay with their middles,” Danielson said. “Even though we’re a little bit taller, we’re not getting up there like we should. We need to get a block on the middle.”

The Huskies’ serve receive was decent, with a score of 1.75, she said. The score is a scale of zero to three based on who receives and how the team receives and passes the ball. The Huskies shoot for a score of two on serve receives.

The Huskies made their goal against Yamhill-Carlton and Lebanon already this year, Danielson said.

That’s an area where the team has struggled in recent years.

At the net, Sam Johnson scored 11 kills. Emili Riggs added eight kills, and Annie Whitfield had four kills.

“My outside hitters are doing really well,” Danielson said. “They’re putting the ball away. The middles hit pretty well but not when there’s a big block like that.”

The Huskies will keep competing in non-league games this week, she said. In the meantime, she is figuring out plays that can fake out opposing middles and get them away from blocking everything the Huskies send their way as the Huskies prepare to start league play next week.

Tiffany Miller led serving, going 10-10.

The Huskies are 0-4.

The junior varsity two team lost to Scappoose 25-13, won 25-16 and lost 15-10 to lose the match.