Students’ fire posters give warning on roads

Three local students’ forest fire warning posters are on display along local highways this summer.

The three are winners of the annual Smokey Bear Poster Contest held in local schools in May.

Grand prize winners were Ella Parker of Oak Heights, Elizabeth Chelstad of Hawthorne and Hayden Nichol of East Linn Christian Academy. They were among some 300 third-, fourth- and fifth-graders who participated in the contest.

The winners’ posters were painted on 4×8 sheets of plywood by Sweet Home High School art students. Ella’s was placed along Highway 20 across from The Point restaurant, Chelstad’s was paced along Upper Calapooia Drive and Nichol’s was placed along Quartzville Road at Sunnyside Park.

Three winners were selected from each class that participated.

Winners in Cynthia Davis’ fourth-grade class at Oak Heights were Ella, first; Aubrie Furst, second; and Halley Lee Autry, third.

Winners in Arien Bates’ fourth- and fifth-grade class at Oak Heights were Ellie Davis, first; Amber Walton, second; and Hailey Brown, third.

Winners in Joyce Baugus’ fourth- and fifth-grade class at Hawthorne were Elizabeth, first; Jacquelyn Chelstad, second; and Hannah Dauley, third.

Winners in Jayme Zwierzyna’s fourth-grade class at Hawthorne were Sydney Mauer, first; Jesse Newman, second; and Terron Kopperud, third.

Winners in Shelley Quest’s third- and fourth-grade class at Foster were Victoria Davis, first; Ben Phillips, second; and Gabe Aiello, third.

Winners in Rachel Markell’s third- and fourth-grade class at Foster were Madelyn Neuschwander, first; Lily Keeney, second; and Hailey Mitten, third.

Winners in Deanna Green’s third- and fourth-grade class at Foster were Jessi Davenport, first; Alexis Pickle, second; and Joshua Roberts, third.

Winners in Dan Swanson’s third- and fourth-grade class at Crawfordsville were Jasmine Carter, first; Olivia Flanagan, second; and Allison Brown, third.

Winners of Kathi Collins’ third- and fourth-grade class at Holley were Sierra Baham, first; Maliah Rae Haberstock, second; and Maddie Love Peeks, third.

Winners in Kim Bates’ fourth-grade class at ELCA were Hayden Nichol, first; Natalie Steckley, second; Brandon Bates, third.

The winners were invited to ride on the Oregon Department of Forestry float in the Sportsman’s Holiday Parade.