Sweet Home Junior High Track and Field

The Sweet Home Junior High track and field squad had a good year, said Assistant Coach Alan Temple. “We have some eighth-graders who I think will be able to step into (the high school) program and win spots on the varsity,” he said. “The eighth-grade girls team was one of the best I’ve seen come through here in 30-plus years. We’ve got a great group of seventh-graders as well.” Members of the team, which includes some sixth-graders, are, in the first row, from left, Katy Currey, Jocelyn Plebuch, Chloe Miller, Rachel Villarreal, Parke Young, Camille Young, Donaven Rockstead, Justin Hilburn, James Cornwell, Destiny Stone, Sandeep Grewal and DJ Caldwell. In the second row, from left, are Michael Tolle, Jamie Valet, Sam Ashlock, Jason Sarter, Christina Ulmer, Katie Turner, Kendra Whaley, Laura Mauer, Mike Fontenot, Peyton Plebuch, Tashana Mithen, Justin Webb and Natalie Currey. In the third row, from left, are NeNe Mauer, Emily Conrad, Jessika Stewart, Annie Whitfield, Sabrina Davis, Taylor Young, Cody Mabe, Ehric Benson, Paige Sanders, Chelsea Baker, Kristen Tolle and Kellie Pollock. In the fourth row, from left, are Jesse Baugus, Ty Collins, Hanna Currey, Cassie Johnson, Anne Marie Miller, Avery Shamek, Lorenzo Virgen, Daniel Villarreal, Gabi Valdez, Crystal Crites, Kendell Anderson and Megan Graville. In the fifth row, from left, are Bret Adams, Jacob Smith, John Conelly, Dakota Snow, Devyn Makin, Jake Johnson, Nick Hall, Jon Walters, Jesse Comstock and Ole Olson. In the sixth row, from left, are Mitchell Garcia, Michael Paulino, Micah McGlaughin, Chris Carpenter, Jehron Coleman, Brandi Trewin, Zane Jackson, Quin Wise and Wade Paulus. In the seventh row, from left, are coaches Martin Steinbock, Alan Temple and Angela Stevens.