Thanks for aiding Katrina family


On behalf of Crawfordsville Community Church, I would like to thank those of you who walked beside us in welcoming a Katrina victim family to our area. They arrived Christmas Eve and left Jan. 3.

The Bible says that where your treasure is, there will your heart be also. Tina’s four adult children are all in Houston; now she, her husband and her other son are there as well. They drove the car that was given to them back to Houston, enjoying parts of the country they had never seen before. Shonn is starting high school there this week.

We do not know all the reasons for their hasty departure, but we do know that culture, weather and medical needs played big roles in that decision.

Special thanks to the people of Crawfordsville Market, Curves, Sunshine Espresso, the New Era and Albany Democrat Herald, Roberson Chrysler, Evangelical Church and Steve Emmert of Sweet Home High School, who were such a help. We as a congregation believe we were following God’s admonition to care for the poor when we invited the family here, and are asking Him for His next plan for us.

Sharon Pryor

Sweet Home