Thanks for help with egg hunt


This letter is in appreciation to all the good people of our city and community.

I am resident manager of Mountain Shadows Mobile Home Park. It was during one of our newly formed Neighborhood Watch meetings when one of my tenants came up with the idea of an Easter egg hunt for the children of our park.

We elected her as the coordinator and let her run the event. I am very honored and pleased with her efforts. It is really satisfying to see the good come out of people.

I would like to thank a good many of you for your generous donations in making this possible for the families and children of our park.

Our thanks go out to the following: Thriftway, Safeway, A&W, Figaro’s, Dairy Queen, Rio Theater, Sweet Home Lanes, Oregon Prospecting and Rita’s Relics, Sweet Home High School, Periwinkle Provisions and the many families who took the time to volunteer.

Even with the nasty weather on Saturday, the day of our event, we had a very good turnout, and because of all of you, the children had a great time.

Duane Davis

Resident Manager

Sweet Home