Thanks to Dr. Stoner


The Sunnyside and Crawfordsville Head Starts would like to acknowledge a very kind and generous person in our community.

Dr. Stoner of Advanced Family Eyecare located on Long Street here in Sweet Home has been doing acts of kindness for 10-plus years to several hundreds of Head Start children.

Dr. Stoner and his assistants give annual vision screening to the Head Start children of our community, which is a federally required Head Start performance standard.

This year alone, he did more than 55 children. This event happens every October as the Head Start teachers take the children on one of their first several field trips visiting the community.

Several of the children over the years have benefited and been found to be in need of glasses or monitoring of future vision concern that would not happen otherwise.

It is acts of kindness like these that make communities stronger.

Thank you, Dr. Stoner.

Denise Thompson

Site supervisor/Family advocate

Crawfordsville Head Start