To the Editor: Incident at SHHS

There was an incident posted in a SH page about the high school health class having a trans type person as a guest speaker. The allegations were not false per se but there was a great deal of info left out. 

I took it upon myself to go in-person and talk to the principal and get to the bottom of this issue. 

It’s not simply a person that came to the school nor is this a new thing. The group is an advocacy group for Rape, Abuse and Domestic Violence and they’ve been coming for many many years to these schools.  For the last nearly decade they had the same person doing this in person talk. This year they had a new individual that simply put had poor delivery.

The previous individual was very good at using past situations that came to them, using examples of the types of trauma they see, what kind of help they needed, what they can do to get help in a domestic situation, the kinds of domestic situations that are out there that are sometimes mutual and other times forced and abusive etc….

Unfortunately the new instructor wasn’t nearly as good at this and delivered messages differently and made a few students feel as if having multiple partners in a relationship was a norm or was supposed to be accepted. 

Obviously not what our citizens want our kids learning, however.  The school got on top of it. 

The actual teacher knew pretty quickly that the delivery wasn’t the same. Those things needed to change. The principal was notified and changes to the delivery, the style, etc, will be addressed. Because this group has been a part of this educational process for so long it was essentially brushed over and notices weren’t sent out prior. It’s been a solid program historically. 

Talking to the Principal absolutely set me at ease because he was all over it. He told me how he deals with restrooms at the school for trans kids, ensuring everyone can be safe and nobody is made to feel as if they have to be uncomfortable with the opposite biological gender being in their restroom. They can use administrative restrooms, council restrooms etc. Furry stuff doesn’t happen because they simply have a ban on dressing up, playing dress stuff, etc. They have specific days for school planned pride events people can dress up for, Halloween etc. Outside those times it’s simply banned. Not because he doesn’t support all children but simply because the only way to have a safe, quality learning environment in which children can thrive is with legitimate guidelines, rules, safe areas, restrooms available to make “Everyone” feel as though they don’t have to look over their shoulders. 

Derogatory is Derogatory in his mind. Meaning we all know there are circles in school, groups, clubs, whatever.  If the rancher/cowboy group is standing around and yell out nasty terms like jock, tyranny, homo etc… it is acted on, and on the same playing field if they get called hick, sheep herder etc. then it’s acted on. 

Everyone is treated the same. You don’t get a pass because you are in a minority.  You don’t get a pass in the majority.  You treat fellow humans with respect, period. 

I could go on because I was there for nearly an hour talking to him and I respect the way he is handling issues, the way he is building our youth and dealing with troubled times. I appreciated that he was straightforward and dealt with me the way he did. 

Anybody that knows me knows I’m definitely for accountability. He eased my tensions drastically and is going to be proactive in ensuring going forward the delivery is better, communications with home units are provided, and there is more involvement with the speakers’ specific abilities.

– Robert Egner