Troops’ return a small-town high


Isn’t it wonderful to live in a small town? To know neighbors and share in the moments of each other’s lives?

Sunday afternoon, Nov. 13, was a reflection of our privileged lives.

In the pouring rain and blowing wind with no regard to political opinion, we gathered downtown to celebrate the safe return of our kids. Not always bound by blood, the ties are still there.

As we waited and watched for the lights to come over the hill from Foster, people looked like little kids waiting for the ice cream man.

And when the bus was finally there, and we put flowers in the soldiers’ hands and looked into their bright eyes, it was a moment we won’t soon forget.

Some might sneer “Norman Rockwell,” but it was important and immensely satisfying.

Thanks for all the support. After all, these are all our kids.

Tammy Rogene Stock

Sweet Potato Queens

Sweet Home